St. Val says LOVE is in the air...

St. Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14th, is in a few days and of course couples and non-couples will be making it a date hoping to surprise the one they love with gifts that represent how they're feeling. I usually side eye the entire "holiday" but a large part of the population, both young and old, really set their hearts on it and so it makes for a great post.

Of course we can't leave out the fact that there will be dates galore on the day and night. Follow to get some ideas on some 'going on a date' styles.

I predict that most dates will be during the night but it is a Sunday and that lends itself to some great day dates. How about a picnic?

picnic vd
How lovely is a picnic date? It's all about the food so you can relax and just enjoy the time with whomever you wish to spend the day. Be casual and cute with loose fitting shorts and a patterned camisole. Flat sandals complete the look making you comfy, casual and chic. Accessorize as you wish but don't over do it. Bracelets and knob earrings make the look pop.

The entire outfit cost less than $ total {score!} and these are all items that can be worn with other pieces in your wardrobe.

There are benefits though to having your date at night and it's the preferred celebration time especially on this day. How about doing it in this?
night1 vd
Do not shy a way from being sexy. Show your curves in a sexy slip dress. I love the sheer slip dress because it hugs exactly what it should and conceals all else. It's also a beautiful colour that compliments most skin tones especially olive and dark tones. Try a strappy sandal, feet are sexy.

The look is subtle but if you want to be standout why not try this...

Tonight you can standout and what better color to do it in than red. Make everyone's eyes pop with a patterned red dress, sky high heels and eye grabbing clutch/purse. Exaggerated hips are a trend this season and rounder hips make a waist look smaller. Cinch that waist.
Finally just ensure you and your partner enjoy the night...and each other. Remember it's about more than love it's TRUE...

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