Holy New Year Batman!

The New Year is finally here! Happy 2010 to everyone and their family. Much love, happiness, prosperity, health and safety be with you all this year. It's a banner year just because you're in it.

Now with all the niceties out of the way *wink* I want to get down to the nit and grit. I of course wanted to do a new years eve post but due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable but I will share the trends I did and have been seeing since that night. Are you ready?!


The one shoulder asymmetric style is back? Apparently it is I know I was as shocked as you were but I was pleasantly surprised in how classy it was done. I saw a number of girls who rocked it right with varying colors and styles definite trend to watch in 2010. {Can we say awards season?}

My friend P bought a most gorgeous green one shoulder dress that fit her shape and personality so well it was as if it were made for her. She looked amazing.

Metallics are kicking ass again this year. Gold and bronze have given way to shimmering silver tones and when done right...it's beautiful.

Colour has taken kind of a back seat and what is being seen more and more are black and white and their varying shades. Black is my fave shade to wear, love the silhouette my body has from a great little black dress or blouse...I'll rock colours but my staples are almost all black.

My friend V rocks colours so well. She's gorgeous and her skin tone is complimented by bright, vibrant colors. Love her style.
Stilettos are back! Bigger and pointier than ever. One can argue that stilettos never really went but in the last couple years with the advent of ballet slippers and flat cute, chic strappy sandals the stiletto has kinda been delegated to the passenger seat.

I'm not certain if I should be happy or sad that they are back...{my feet hurt thinking about it} but they are fashionable and every girl should have at least one pair.

My friend J has no problem wearing the hell out of a pair of heels and while others may take them off after a few hours she's been known to go all night in some sky high stilettos. She's my hero.

T.I.P. - The gladiator banded look is still very hot and very in but please don't over do it. Find a style that can transcend the fad so in 2015 you can rock it and still be chic.

2010 Life Good Again!

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