Kingston Restaurant Week Time! Finale

It's the weekend! Today is the final day for Kingston Restaurant Week and from the research I have done most of the restaurants in Kingston have been booked solid throughout the week which means a very successful event for restauranteurs. For those who participated I hope you enjoyed it.

Tonight is the last night of the event and thankfully it's on a weekend so it can be transformed into a night with the girls or a date night or just a night with friends and as a bonus your outfit does not have to be limited to your work outfit. You have the chance to be creative and chic.

There are so many possibilities that you can choose from to take part in tonight. I find that one of the most chic yet casual outfits is pairing slim fitting jeans (whether skinny or just close fitting) with a beutiful blouse and heels.
I love the look of a lace blouse, it's classic but it never really ages. Dark jeans/pants should be brightened by accessories. The jeans are just a base much like your little black dress and can be painted any which way to increase/decrease the value of an outfit. I am no a fan of matching everything to one shade or color so I personally would break up the scheme in the accessories i.e. ring, earrings, bracelets

Its a look that can translate from dinner to the club or a dance or a function for works for almost everything and it's not break your bank expensive to get each piece. I love that the pieces wear very well with othr outfits as well.

This outfit is great for dinner at Cuddy'z

or Norma's on the Terrace

I certainly will be enjoying myself tonight, I hope you do too. Bon Appetit!


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