Kingston Restaurant Week Time! Part 2

Happy Hump Day! It's Wednesday and the work week, for those not enamoured with their jobs, is going too slowly. What better way to break the monotony than by showing your support to our restaurants and taking advantage of the discounts during Kingston Restaurant Week.

Earlier in the week we noted that working adults will not have the time to go home to change before heading out so the best alternative is to go to the restaurant in your work clothes. I should advise that work clothes are no longer as restrictive as they once were in most established businesses. Though one must look professional you can still display your own style within the boundaries.

I love wearing pants to work, very convenient and comfortable and appropriate as long as they're not too 'strangling the cooch' tight. So pairing a dark pant with a brightly coloured top is a great look.
Wrap blouses and dresses a re a blessing for girls with a larger midsection it cleverly disguises and highlights the waste. Love them. This is a fave look of mine because each item can be found for very low costs and lend themselves to be worn in other ways as other great outfits.\

T.I.P. Go with a boot cut or slightly wider leg pant it makes for an all round better look.

Accesorize as you wish it's all about being yourself and letting your style shine through.

This is a great look for: -

Or brunch at Boone Hall Oasis

Or dinner at Cafe' Aubergine

More to come but for now Bon Appetit!


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