Kingston Restaurant Week Time! Part 1

Saturday, November 7th, was the start of Kingston Restaurant Week, an annual semi food festival of sorts where restaurants in and around the capital, also now including Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, provide some of their best food fare at reduced and discounted prices.

Over 35 restaurants participate in KRW and it is an event that is noted on many a social calendar. I mean who wouldn't want to partake in Appetizer, Entree and Dessert at rates you would never see otherwise?

Once you've chosen the restaurant/s you'll be visiting the next step is to choose the outfit for the occasions.

You want to be stylish but it has to be your own style not everyone is going to be able to rock McQueen or Meiling and so finding chic outfits that fit your personal style is what will both stand out and the test of time.

The first weekend is will probably be one of the better times to benefit from the event. Restaurants are putting their very best foot forward and there may not be many patrons at each location. A drawback is that it is a weekend and no work in the morning means the locations may already be packed and not just for the event.

Not everyone can make the trip on the weekend however and most working consumers will only be able to make it out to the restaurants during their lunch period or after work. Here is the dilemma. Traffic is entirely too unpredictable to attempt to plan a trip home to change and back out again in time. The best alternative I think is to plan wearing your work outfit to the locale. {Money, Time and Energy Saved}


D'you like? I LOVE! I think a dress is a great choice for work AND going out. A print dress tends to wear very well throughout a lengthy work day and still looks appropriate and unrumpled at the days' end.

Long day in heels feet may not feel as fresh or comfortable so have your choice between a covered and uncovered flat all depending of course on if that pedicure is up to scratch..

This is a great outfit for dinner at: -

T.I.P. - A lighter coloured shoe complements a dark hued dress

Another Work outfit and some recommended restaurants next time.


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