Kingston Restaurant Week Time! Finale

It's the weekend! Today is the final day for Kingston Restaurant Week and from the research I have done most of the restaurants in Kingston have been booked solid throughout the week which means a very successful event for restauranteurs. For those who participated I hope you enjoyed it.

Tonight is the last night of the event and thankfully it's on a weekend so it can be transformed into a night with the girls or a date night or just a night with friends and as a bonus your outfit does not have to be limited to your work outfit. You have the chance to be creative and chic.

Kingston Restaurant Week Time! Part 2

Happy Hump Day! It's Wednesday and the work week, for those not enamoured with their jobs, is going too slowly. What better way to break the monotony than by showing your support to our restaurants and taking advantage of the discounts during Kingston Restaurant Week.

Earlier in the week we noted that working adults will not have the time to go home to change before heading out so the best alternative is to go to the restaurant in your work clothes. I should advise that work clothes are no longer as restrictive as they once were in most established businesses. Though one must look professional you can still display your own style within the boundaries.

Kingston Restaurant Week Time! Part 1

Saturday, November 7th, was the start of Kingston Restaurant Week, an annual semi food festival of sorts where restaurants in and around the capital, also now including Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, provide some of their best food fare at reduced and discounted prices.

Over 35 restaurants participate in KRW and it is an event that is noted on many a social calendar. I mean who wouldn't want to partake in Appetizer, Entree and Dessert at rates you would never see otherwise?

Once you've chosen the restaurant/s you'll be visiting the next step is to choose the outfit for the occasions.

You want to be stylish but it has to be your own style not everyone is going to be able to rock McQueen or Meiling and so finding chic outfits that fit your personal style is what will both stand out and the test of time.

Fashion Night Out

I completely missed the Jamaica Observer sponsored Fashion Night Out held on October 29. Between 5pm and 10pm over 100 retailers in Kingston participated and offered items on sale with discounts up to 70% in some stores....Sounds like a steal right?

Not only were clothes being discounted but as usual the Bigger Better Network, Digicel Jamaica, sponsored a promotion that offered select phones at a discounted price. Those who went were also able to get FREE posters autographed by D’Angel and/or Shelly-Ann Fraser. Nice!

I am discount queen and so I am more than little upset that I missed this outing. Here's to hoping it becomes an annual event and for certain next time it nah miss me.

Thanks to @dwaynefighter and his Don't Call Me a Fashionista blog for giving me the heads up.


P.S. Kingston Restaurant Week starts in 6 days. I have nothing to wear...Do You?

Basics 101

I find that a great basic to have in any closet is a pair of jeans. They can be dressed way up and certainly be dressed way down. It is a staple in many a closet and there are so many styles and's endless. As a heavier girl I have struggled to find jeans that fit and create a pleasing profile but I've been lucky so far. Follow for  Must Haves for Jeans.