Frowning on this budget.

Unless you are one of the uber rich of the society that's the most you can do on your budget for non-essential items. Weekend shopping is becoming a figment of a lot of imaginations with this declining economy. Persons are forgoing the impulse to buy new clothes that are trending and instead are sticking to clothes they've previously purchased but have only worn on a few occasions.

The time of wear once then discard is unfortunately no more. Here are a few outfits created from deconstructing previous posts and putting it back together like humpty dumpty and a few inexpensive pieces that can be mixed and matched with other pieces.

Though it has been colder than usual in Jamaica it's still pretty much island weather year round...aka HOT! Shorts have been trending quite frequently for a little over a year there should be no fear when wearing shorts....though maybe caution.

Great outfits for school or just running errands. Casual and chic. With big girls in mind I think shorts should hit the mid-thigh, this is perfect length. Also ensure there's a little room around your thighs. Strangling your thighs is never cute.

jeans and T
Skinny jeans are still trending, they're comfy, easy to get, inexpensive and go with anything. So many reasons and you can deduce that they'll be trending for a while. The classic jeans and a T-shirt never gets old, effortless and definitive.

I realized I haven't done skirts mostly because I don't really wear skirts but my friend Eanehj can wear the hell out of a skirt but I think the skirt is just not for me though.

Here's a lovely skirt combo. If you do a mini I recommend that it hits maybe an inch above mid-thigh and please wear a pair of shorts. A-line is great for girls with bigger hips but straight works fine for most body types. Everything except the shoes is under US$50. STEAL!

Four different looks all the pieces can be mixed and matched with each other and you don't have to break the bank. That's a relief I'm sure.

T.I.P - When mixing prints ensure that they don't both take centre stage.


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