Basics 101

I find that a great basic to have in any closet is a pair of jeans. They can be dressed way up and certainly be dressed way down. It is a staple in many a closet and there are so many styles and's endless. As a heavier girl I have struggled to find jeans that fit and create a pleasing profile but I've been lucky so far. Follow for  Must Haves for Jeans.

Skinny - I'm not the biggest fan of fads and trends but reincarnating the skinny jean is one that I agree with. Heavier girls DO NOT be afraid of the skinny jean no matter what the name suggests skinny bitches aren't the only ones who can rock them right.

I prefer a dark jean but if worn right alot can be said for a lighter wash. To my big girls lighter washes attract the light, the lighter the wash the larger the spread so be careful when buying a light wash.
I'm not the biggest fan of colored jeans but I have seen a few people wear it tastefully. I find that pairing a bright colored pant or top with a more neutral/subdued color makes the piece pop and doesn't blind people around you when you walk in the sunlight.

Boot Cut - This is my fave shape for jeans. I find it disguises well the fact that I have no ass and gives me a little plump back there. I also love the tiniest bit of flare on the bottom thet balances out my very top heavy shape. I think this is a great basic shape for almost every body type. It will get the most wear out of all the jeans you own and DID I mention they make your legs look 50 feet long? Great buy!
Shorts - Another trend i do not like to admit I like. For girls like me I do not think that very short shorts is the way to go, I find that a mid thigh short [+/- 2 inches] works best for heavier girls, very flattering to the shape and chic and stylish. I like that you can be very versatile with the fit for shorts, super tight and super loose both work and it's so hot in Jamaica that this is a very good buy for year round wear.
Some great buys and great deals.


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